How To Find The Perfect Rug To Your Place

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Rugs have the ability to either make or break the look of a place. It all depends on how you have it placed. Yes, I know it’s not as being said but we have come up with some simple tips for you to work on when considering which rug goes where and how.

  • First of all, decide on the place that you plan on placing the rug. You may have several places on your mind. Have them listed down somewhere to begin with because there are different types of carpet rugs and carpets for different areas. For example, if you plan on placing one outside, you need to go for outdoor rugs, which are created to withstand high traffic and dirt and dust. Likewise, you may want to consider the area first.
    • Carpets and out door rugs differ from there functions, so first consider their thickness in fibers, the density and etc. for large rooms, it would be nice to go for shaggy rugs but they can feel overwhelming and of course, cleaning may be a bit difficult. Also, consider the material as well; when it comes to rugs you may find natural fiber ones like cotton / wool, for high traffic areas, you may want to go for jute? Hemp. And of course, before you decide on this, check out maintaining ways of each rug such that you won’t be in a difficult area.
      • Then, you need to head down for the color, here of course there are 2 ways to do it. First would be to buy the first rug that catches your eye. This way, the rug that caught your eye already has a set of shades that goes with the carpet and that can be used to build the look inside the place. The second way is to do the exact opposite. Without using shades, place the rug that catches your eye inside the already designed room, such that it screams the color and even maybe the patter out loud proudly and bold.
        • Then, consider how you plan on placing the furniture on the rug. There are 3 ways to it, first would be to have all legs of the furniture on the rug such that the rug is placed under the furniture or you could only place the front legs on the carpet/ rug or have the furniture and the rug be placed separately with no contact. The way it being placed may differ from one person to another so just keep in mind to have it all matched to make the room feel cozy.
          So you don’t exactly have to be a designer to get that perfect look to your place right?best-rugs